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Here Come the Leftovers!!

November 25, 2012

Thanksgiving is all about giving thanks, being grateful, family, friends, good memories and EATING fabulous food!

Now I’m not knocking the good old turkey sandwich, that is an American tradition!  But with my leftover duck beckoning me…. I wanted to create a fancy little entree with some of the leftovers.

These are duck and cranberry filled crepes.  I cut off some leftover duck meet, sauteed it with some finely chopped onion (the rest of the onion is in the pot making soup!), some moist dried cranberries, a little leftover duck gravy and some fresh cracked black pepper, and few pinches of dried rosemary.

The filling is pretty simple, just toss together what you have…..

 Crepes are simple too, just a simple egg batter, small non stick pan, patience and wax paper and you’re in business!

I filled the crepes with the duck mixture, drizzled on some leftover blackberry cognac sauce, from Thanksgiving, and garnished with thin scallion slivers and toasted pine nuts.  
Awesome and super easy.  Wonderful gourmet meals are only a few steps away!

More leftovers to follow!  Stay tuned!


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